Module Bueditoricon (used Imageset)

Connection of a set icons (imageset) for favourite editor Bueditor
1) We connect the module bueditoricon (depends from imageset and bueditor)
2) We add necessary imageset (mysite/admin/settings/imageset)
  • Name: bue_icons; Size: 18x18; Orientation: Horizontal

Use Imageset for creation of the menu as graphic buttons

First we draw in the graphic editor a picture with a set of necessary buttons. For an example something similar to it:


columns are items of the menu (3 items of the menu have turned out)
Lines are a kind of the button depending on events (1 - by default, 2 - event:hover (prompting by a mouse), 3 - event:active (cliques mouse), 4 - the active button)
The seen size of area for the button 137x26

We create new imageset (/admin/settings/imageset/imagesets)
Name: buttons
Size: 137x26

Module Imageset

This the module uses so-called technology CSS sprites (a output of the set area of a picture in background)
Due to association of pictures in one file. The economy of the traffic and time of loading for the client turns out
In one set can be used a picture of the fixed size

Process of use will consist of three steps

Модуль Tabledetail

Пример использования модуля tabledetail
Сделаем простой прайс-лист: нода - группа товаров
1. Создаем новую таблицу my_syte/node/add/tabledetail
- Задаем Наименование, описание, стиль, колво колонок - 4
- Далее описываем колонки
nid - autonode (должен быть установлен модуль tabledetail_add)
Артикул - int(целое)
Наименование - string(строка)
Цена - numeric(число)