Module Imageset

This the module uses so-called technology CSS sprites (a output of the set area of a picture in background)
Due to association of pictures in one file. The economy of the traffic and time of loading for the client turns out
In one set can be used a picture of the fixed size

Process of use will consist of three steps
1. Prepares in the favourite graphic editor necessary a set of pictures (imageset), them can be a little, as matrix NxM, where N - quantity of pictures (from 1 and more), M - quantity variants of display of these pictures (from 1 and more)
For an example 3 pictures (axis Y) and 2 variants (axis X) are determined
Example 1

2. Creation new Imageset in options (/admin/settings/imageset).
The unique name for a set is set (since this name will be applied in CSS that is restrictions on allowable symbols: latin symbols, figures, a sign on underlining)
The size of seen area of a picture in pixels in a format (WIDTH x HEIGHT)
Orientation of a set: vertical - a picture on verticals, their variants across; horizontal - on the contrary, a picture - across, variants on a vertical

In the given example we can set
Name: icons
The size: 18x18
Orientation: vertical

3. On bookmark Selectors (admin/settings/imageset/selectors) we set selectors for the task of necessary behaviour

For the above-stated example we can specify
CSS selectors: Imageset: icons Variant: 2 (the picture from 2-nd column will be displayed by default)
CSS selectors: a:hover Imageset: icons Variant: 1 (the picture from 1-st column to be displayed at prompting the mouse)

To apply in a code it is possible using function theme ('imageset', name, index) , where name - a name of a set, index - number of a picture
For this example a call print theme ('imageset', 'icons', 1); will display icon the printer

With use of this module module Menuicon (icons for the menu, or the menu as graphic buttons) works

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