Use Imageset for creation of the menu as graphic buttons

First we draw in the graphic editor a picture with a set of necessary buttons. For an example something similar to it:


columns are items of the menu (3 items of the menu have turned out)
Lines are a kind of the button depending on events (1 - by default, 2 - event:hover (prompting by a mouse), 3 - event:active (cliques mouse), 4 - the active button)
The seen size of area for the button 137x26

We create new imageset (/admin/settings/imageset/imagesets)
Name: buttons
Size: 137x26
Orientation: horizontal
Attach picture

Further we determine behaviour (selectors for CSS) (admin/settings/imageset/selectors)

1 - by default
CSS selector: Weight: 0 Imageset: buttons Variant: 1

2 - event :hover
CSS selector: a:hover Weight: 1 Imageset: buttons Variant: 2

3 - event :active
CSS selector: a:active Weight: 2 Imageset: buttons Variant: 3

4 - the active button
CSS selector: Weight: 3 Imageset: buttons Variant: 4

And last step in the menu (admin/build/menu) to set to the necessary items a necessary picture
Imageset: buttons
Index: 1, 2 or 3
Type: Button

Features for IE5.5-6:
As by default does not support a transparency for the alpha-channel in png to pictures
It is applied fix in part eliminating this problem for IE (to include it is possible a daw "FixPng" in properties Imageset).